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Fairfax & Others v Voller (“Voller”) is the latest defamation case which finds Facebook page owners liable for content posted by third parties on the social media platform.

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Media outlets published details of Mr Voller’s treatment at a youth detention centre in 2016 and he subsequently sued a number of…

As Black History Month comes to a close, there are lessons that organisations can learn to improve on diversity and inclusion.

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Each year Black History Month recognises the contributions, accomplishments, sacrifices and experiences of Black British people in the UK. …

Taking on interim legal work can allow you to adopt a flexible working lifestyle.

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We are seeing more lawyers and paralegals take up interim legal work as they start to think about the type of lifestyle they want or a better way to work.

Interim legal work is one way…

Future changes to consumer law are heading this way.

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The proposes changes to consumer law and the CMA’s powers to enforce consumer law directly through the courts with the ability to impose fines of up to 10 per cent of worldwide turnover on companies that are found to…

Flexible working is a concept that is being discussed on a much wider scale than ever before and the legal profession may still have a long way to go.

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Organisations are introducing the idea of returning to the old way of working which was a 9 to 5 set hours…

Technology has transformed the legal industry at accelerated speed and more organisations are using electronic signing platforms to execute their agreements and deeds.

But how can deeds be validly witnessed electronically in a remote setting?

The information in this article is set in a business context and we do not…

The breaches facilitated around £365m of laundered funds as a result of inadequate monitoring of customer accounts. The total fine will be decided in December 2021.

This is the first time a bank has been prosecuted under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and the first time a bank will be…

Data protection has over the years become a constantly evolving regulatory landscape with fines and penalties increasing. The way that we process personal data has had to change and as a result forced us to think more about how it is processed with a consumer focused approach.

The European Commission…

Getting through interviews and navigating your career is not easy but we have identified characteristics that successful people display.

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Applying for a job is a job itself and then when we are interviewed we are judged by our body language, speech, educational background, our appearance, and our work history all…

FemTech is technology geared towards the needs of women covering mindfulness, nutrition, and much more.

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The FemTech industry is creating a whole range of tailored products for women and recognises their needs through the use of technology whereas traditionally tech products did not cater to their specific needs.

These are…

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