Capitol Hill riots — why lawyers should speak out against Trump

The riots in the US demonstrate the fragile state of democracy in the western world and remind us of the events that have happened in the past across Europe. In particular, the incitement of violence and hatred by right wing extremists and riots that took place in Germany in the 1930’s.

The US is known for and is built upon a democratic society, a country that offers opportunities for everyone and a government democratically voted in by its people. The last four years however, have taught us that hatred and right wing extremism is on the rise and that the US has become even more divided, fuelled by Trump exploiting the country’s weaknesses in a bid to increase power through fear and lies.

This shows us how fragile democracy is and in a few years undoing years of recovery from events that took place during WW11, the same feelings and actions are being repeated as a direct result of Trump’s words and actions. If we do not call upon justice for the Capitol Hill riots, then the US and the western world could be in danger of going down a similar path to the one which took place during WWII.

In Germany the Nazis capitalised on the country’s weaknesses caused by the great depression and effects of WW1 such as high unemployment and civil unrest fuelling anger across the country increasing hatred and violence towards different groups in society. In today’s world we are dealing with similar problems under the restrictions imposed as a result of covid-19, high unemployment, a recession and the circulation of fake news. We must tread very carefully so as not to go down the same path as Nazi Germany.

Lawyers have condemned the actions of Trump and called for justice as at least 5 people have been confirmed dead. This is a moment for lawyers to speak out not only as a citizen but in their role which is upholding the rule of law and the democratic principles on which society is built upon and should continue to be based on.




Insights and commentary on law and business @the_legal_digest

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The Legal Digest

The Legal Digest

Insights and commentary on law and business @the_legal_digest

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