The Staff Shortage Crisis

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So what can businesses do to recruit and retain staff?

  • Train more junior staff where it is difficult to recruit more experienced staff members. This takes time however, hard work pays off in the end as that individual becomes an expert in the business and is more likely to stay if they feel there is career progression. People have not lost motivation in the career ladder but want to work in a role that feels more meaningful.
  • Give as much freedom as you can — implement flexible working policies because it’s not just mothers that need flexibility, we all do. Having to come up with a reason as to why you need flexibility is restricting for staff. They should feel able to manage their workload in a way that fits around their other commitments provided this does not impact business. It makes staff feel valued.
  • Broadening your recruitment to a more diverse range of candidates with different skillsets. If job specifications are too restrictive it can be off-putting and being open minded to candidates with different skillsets can bring out more ideas and cultivate a culture of openness.
  • When it comes to staff benefits, making sure that you can offer the right perks will be central to attracting talent. It’s not just about providing cookies on a Friday or having pizza lunches where staff are required to mingle on their lunchbreak with colleagues that they spend the entire day with. Businesses have to be more imaginative when it comes to perks and focusing on wellness and safety will be key.




Insights and commentary on law and business @the_legal_digest

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The Legal Digest

The Legal Digest

Insights and commentary on law and business @the_legal_digest

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